Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January update

Introducing the new team member for Cultural Pursuits


JWW4 retired, or took early retirement on 30th September 2009 after eight career breaks, in order to pursue other projects. New projects would take him into areas that he had never been before but would rely on his extensive knowledge and expertise across many professions.

One of the many reasons to retire would be to experience retirement before it actually arrived. At one company he remembers well the decision by directors to allow staff of a certain age to slowly work their way into retirement by gradually reducing the working week from 5 to 4 to a 3 day week aided by courses on finance, leisure and how to cope with retirement. Wonderful idea that only lasted about 4 years due to the high cost involved. For some people retirement means long boring days with the odd trip to the shops, sitting in warm places to save on energy at home, messing about in the garden and seeking out cheap bargains but JWW4 wanted none of this which is why he’s created the JWW4 team to assist with the many projects that would present themselves through dreams, brainstorming and the need to overcome everyday occurrences.

Since the 30th September 2009 JWW4 has already put to bed many projects such as landscaping the garden, erecting a log cabin, photographic projects in Cyprus to capture the many flowers, a book on gluten free cooking and an innovative children’s book, construction of a barbecue/spit, assisting the local jaguar club to produce a calendar with profits for the air ambulance, making suggestions to a well known superstore to raise money for charity, designing a new lighting process for small studio sets, creating an innovative photographic product, not to mention dreaming up new gluten free menus for family and friends.

So what of the future?

More, more and more projects that will extend JWW4 and his research techniques to develop new ideas or improve what are already there and not to mention the main book that has now turned into a movie script which will be started after Dragon speaking naturally has been conquered.

As JWW4 is in what he describes as “the ageless society” age has no bearing on what is achievable so no project will be ignored or shelved because of age or cost (there’s always a way) or as Picard would say “make it so” and as the title of the 2nd book on how the first book was created “failure is not an option”.

Go forward and be positive is how JWW4 will approach each new day and it’s very true that sleep required becomes less with each passing year but as JWW4 already spends little time asleep we could catch him going backwards soon which will have the obvious benefit of never growing older looking. Apparently the occasional glass of red helps in this area.

So what happened in January?

1.    Made a positive step to use the innovative website set up some years ago (  to provide a blow by blow account of exploits – I mean projects

2.    Equipped the house with fire extinguisher, fire blanket and carbon monoxide detectors – so soaps do actually work sometimes

3.    Repaired the back garden fencing

4.    Travel – Cyprus planning for the year – Cyprus economy not looking good

5.    Booked for the Moscow City Ballet performing Swan Lake at The Nottingham Royal Concert Hall in February

6.    Booked Rod Stewart concert for June at the O2

7.    Research costing for Shanghi

8.    Working with local carpenter to produce a new and unique set of frames for new innovative prints

9.    Not a mid life crisis but I’m planning to record in words and photos my early life over 2/3 days in and around London – place of birth, homes, schools etc later in the year for the kids – who knows what will come out of this exercise – for example – the railings around my estate in Dulwich that I daily balanced on like a tight rope walker – square railings turned through 45 degrees so that I balanced on “THE EDGE” so to speak

Tune in next month for more exciting news

Tuesday, 1 January 2013