Tuesday, 23 July 2013


A sneak pre-view of the cover for the new JWW4 book "The Twelve Faces of Time"

Sunday, 21 July 2013


Rod Stewart concert

This concert was originally planned for June but cancelled due to a throat problem so a further date was arranged at the O2 for July 11th – and what an incredible evening – but before that and to make a day of it I planned to use the full day to enjoy one of the great sunny days of the year – visited Kensington Palace Park first – just checking out the palace and park – then onto Sticky Fingers ( a restaurant owned by Bill Wyman of the stones) – and the onto the O2 – what is now considered as the best venue in the world – can’t argue there – Rod was majestic for two hours of non-stop live pure entertainment – his last night of the tour and presenting two of his 8 kids on stage – and back on the 11.30 to Newark for 00.54 – long day – wonderful day out



My early life – planning

I now have the essential places to visit so it just needs a date – should be interesting – the first house I lived in which was grans does not exist anymore so I’ll have to see if there are any archive photos

Executive BBQ

After 3 years of planning and reconfiguring the modular set of breeze blocks the executive bbq comes to fruition – made from bits and pieces with minimal cost - breeze blocks/firebricks/pine bed/wooden decking/tiles



Newark Bake Off
Winner of the biscuit section with a chocolate covered gluten free biscuit which I have named “The Newark Cobble” – a plus as I beat conventionally made biscuits - the biscuits melted before I photograph them - next time your passing I'll cobble up a few


The Twelve Faces of Time

Designed and made my own clock which highlights my team of carton assistants and will be the basis of a new book – The Twelve Faces of Time – how my retirement period will unfold


Jazz et Vin in Newark

This yearly event – a weekend of jazz – original garage basement - intimate venue with a warm inviting area - great acoustics


New Art Product

Started to work with a national art company to demonstrate a new product that I have created – ongoing process – watch this space


Moscow City Ballet performing Swan Lake at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall

What a wonderful evening which started with a visit to a Sushi restaurant with Rachael. Here are a few photos – not during the performance of course – there are some occasions when this is definitely not on – just sit back and enjoy the performance.