Monday, 18 November 2013



Santas Special Elfer has come up with a wonderful project for Christmas – a Christmas tree with a difference – yes use odds and ends as per usual – so with the help of the Creative Innovator and the Profit Negotiator the process has begun – pictures to follow when construction starts – but as a taster how about a redundant gazebo, a piece of wood and some coat hangers


Not to be outdone Cultural Pursuits has come up with a special ticket to watch the EAGLES at the O2 in June 2014 – that’s what you call one upmanship ( could well be the last tour in this country)


The movie script template is complete – just need to create 7 pages – how difficult can that be for JWW4! – and then submit it to the appropriate body – hey – keeps me busy

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Work has now started on my ArtOverImage project - bringing an innovative approach to art and photography by using off the shelf products - see

Still working with a national association to increase their member take up

Finalised arrangements for my apprentice get together (49th anniversary in 2014) to be held in historic Newark upon Trent UK